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Air Cleaning & Filtration Services in Auburn, CA

How clean is the air your family is breathing in your home? Don’t settle for poor indoor air quality. Call us for air cleaner and air filtration services in Auburn.

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For allergy and asthma sufferers, even going home can cause symptoms to flare up if the indoor air contains allergens and other irritants. To reduce these symptoms – and provide other benefits like removing odors from your home – install an air cleaning system in your house. Call Aloha Heating & Cooling for air cleaning and filtration services in Auburn, CA. In business since 1997, we provide flat-rate pricing to our customers.

Is your aging heater at risk for not making it through winter? Call us to schedule heater installation services.

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Benefits of Installing an Air Cleaner in Your Home

Installing an air cleaner in your home can provide benefits for both the health of your family and your home. Some advantages you may notice after installing a unit can include:

Different Types of Filters Used in Air Cleaners

Air cleaners can use a variety of filters. To determine which type of filter is right for you, take a look at some of these options:

Are your ducts breeding mold and other pollutants? Call us to schedule air duct repairs.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Air Cleaner

To keep your air cleaner running properly it’s important to keep it maintained. Some tasks you should complete on your system to ensure it functions as expected can include: